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5 super clever newborn hacks all new mamas need to know about

5 super clever newborn hacks

Ok, so nobody said life with a newborn would be a walk in the park, but then again nobody said trying to function on zero sleep would be quite this hard either. 

Luckily, mamas, we have rounded up a few newborn hacks that might – if not get you a full eight hours of sleep (here’s dreaming!) – then at least make life with a newborn a tad less exhausting.

Are you ready for some really good advice (from someone who has lived those newborn days) and learned some clever hacks along the way?

1. Take a bath with your baby

One thing so many new mamas struggle with is trying to find time to actually have a shower (in between all the breastfeeding and pumping and nappy changing and rocking the baby to sleep for hours on end). One solution is to take a bath with your baby – that way your won’t have to wait for her to be asleep or worry when you are in the bath because you keep hearing phantom cries. Just fill the bath (mind the water is not too warm for your baby) and climb in first before getting your partner to hand you the baby once you are in. Not only will this solve the never feeling clean issue, it will also create a lovely, intimate moment between you and your baby.

Note: Don’t try to climb out of the bath holding the baby, you are much safer if you carefully hand her over to your partner before getting out yourself.

2. Practice side nursing

Newborns need feeding frequently, breastfed babies even more so, and so in order to not have to get up from your warm bed every time your little darling wakes for a feed, you might want to start practicing being able to do so in bed – lying down.

Try lying on your side with your baby facing you and her head positioned at your breast. Once he latches on, allow yourself to doze off until he’s finished and then place him back in the crib or bassinet beside your bed.

3. Leave nappy changing essentials a few places around the house

For those first few sleep-deprived and exhausting week, make life easier for yourself by not having to trek up to the bathroom or nursery every time you have to change a nappy. Instead leave out little changing stations (all you need is a soft blanket or towel you can put down somewhere) in the rooms you are in the most, like the kitchen, living room and even in your bedroom.

4. Wear your baby

Most babies like to be held. A lot. Which is obviously all sorts of lovely and cozy, but what it also means, is that getting other stuff done when you have a newborn (like make yourself a sandwich or brush your hair) can be rather tricky.

This, mamas, this can be solved with a wrap. Or sling. or infant carrier. Whatever device your like as long as it means you are wearing your baby and have both arms free again. You will never look back.

5. Ask for help

Do not try to be Superwoman. I cannot stress this enough to new mamas. Seriously; you need to embrace that these weeks are a little chaotic, get better at delegating and for God’s sake, accept or even flat out ask for help. That is what mums/friends/sister/husbands/aunts/mother-in-laws (basically everyone else who have not just had a baby themselves) are for.