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50 Baby Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing


One of the best miracle for parents in any family is, having a baby, and it’s indeed a blessing. It makes sense to give a name to a baby that conveys a blessed miracle. Babynameforums has consolidated the list of lovely baby names, meaning miracle and blessing.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Miracle Or Blessing:

1. Aksha:

Aksha means God’s blessing. This name is mostly being used in

2. Alazne:

Alaze means a miracle. This stands one of the top 20 names in the last century.

3. Amari:

Amari means the “miracle of God.”

4. Ayah:

Ayah is an Arabic baby girl name, means Miracle

5. Beatrix:

Beatrix meaning blessed. Beatrice in French, Beatriz in Spanish.

6. Behati:

Meaning blessed and its an African version of Beatrice

7. Dorothea:

Dorothea means ‘Gods gift” in Greek

8. Genevieve:

Means ‘God’s Gift’ in Greek

9. Gwyneth:

Gwyneth means happiness and blessed

10. Jane:

Jane is a baby girl name which means “God is gracious.”

11. Jesse:

Jesse is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘blessing’ and God’s gift.

12. Karishma:

Karishma is a very popular name in India, which means ‘Miracle.’

13. Mavisha:

Mavisha is an Arabic name, which means “blessing.”

14. Marvel:

Marvel means a miracle. Marvel is also a famous American entertainment company owned by The Walt Disney.

15. Marvella:

Marvella means Miracle

16. Miracle:

The name says it all. The name originated from Greek and Latin.

17. Mira:

Mira means wonderful, sea, fate, good and nice.

18. Mikelle:

Mikelle means God’s gift

19. Mirai:

Mirai means “miracle”

20. Milagros:

Mirai means miracle or wonder

21. Mirielle:

Mirielle is a French origin means “miracle”.

22. Mireya:

Mireya is a French origin name. It means “miracle” in Spanish

23. Mehr:

Mehr is the most popular name in India. It means “blessing.”

24. Nessa:

Nessa means “miracle”

25. Nasya:

Nasya means “miracle” originated from Hebrew

26. Pelia:

Pelia is the “miracle of God”. Its a very famous Hebrew name.

27. Sachi:

Sachi is a popular name in Japan that means ‘miracle.’

28. Winifred:

Winifred means ‘blessed’.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Miracle Or Blessing:

29. Aaron:

Aaron means ‘miracle.’ Its been on the top 50 English names for decades.

30. Adom:

Adom means ‘blessing of God.’ It also means ‘man’ in Hebrew..

31. Asher:

Asher means ‘blessed.’ It originated from Hebrew.

32. Barack:

Barack means ‘blessing.’ Also the 44th president of the United States

33. Benedict:

Benedict means ‘blessed.’

34. Bennett:

Bennett means ‘blessed.’

35. Beneficio:

Beneficio means ‘blessing.’

36. Benediction:

Benediction means ‘blessing.’

37. Boone:

Boone is a French name, meaning ‘a blessing.’

38. Daliso:

Daliso means ‘blessing’ in Chewa.

39. Eijaz:

Eijaz is an Arabic baby boy name, that means ‘miracle.’

40. Harika:

Harika means ‘miracle.’ It’s a very famous and mostly used name in India

41. Inaam:

Inaam means ‘blessings from God.’

42. Loreto:

Loreto means ‘blessing.’

43. Mapalo:

Mapalo means ‘blessings’ in Chibemba.

44. Matthew:

Matthew means ‘Gift of God’

45. Milagro:

Milagro means ‘miracle.’

46. Milagre:

Milagre means ‘miracle.’

47. Miracolo:

Miracolo means ‘miracle’ in the Italian language.

48. Mirakel:

Mirakel means ‘miracle’.

49. Thaddeus:

Thaddeus means the ‘blessing of God.’

50. Zelig:

Zelig means ‘blessed’.

We hope these meanings helpful.