What is it like to care for a baby?

It’s like having your cell phone ALWAYS on and having your crazy boss text you ridiculous commands that you HAVE to follow at ANY time of day or night. For example, at 2.30 am when …

It’s like having your cell phone ALWAYS on and having your crazy boss text you ridiculous commands that you HAVE to follow at ANY time of day or night. For example, at 2.30 am when you are asleep: “get up and pace around the room swinging gently from side to side and singing tenderly for at least an hour!” then, at 6 am: “up now, and wipe some poop while having a smile on your face!” One minute after you get in the shower and put shampoo your hair: “out of the shower NOW! Time to wipe some more poop! Look like you are happy about it!” When you sit down with your friends at a restaurant and the food finally comes in: “get up and leave the restaurant, walk back and forth outside till your food gets cold and everybody is ready to leave! Come back and apologize to everyone profusely.”


Yes. And its not always that way! I have a SUPER easy 10.5 week old. She sits in her bjorn bouncer while I shower and just looks around. She goes back to sleep within 10 minutes of eating at night and often sleeps through the night. And she’s begun smiling back at us instead of just randomly. She loves her black and white picture cards. She loves video chats with dad when he’s gone. Right now she’s sleeping on my chest snuggled in a soft blanket. It’s THE best. When she cries, once I’ve checked all the food, diaper boxes…I get to march around making up silly songs until she stops. Not gonna lie, I enjoy being ridiculous!

Yeeeesssss. It’s so worth it. I have had an awful night with my 5 year old who was up all night with the stomach flu, and now my 8 month old, who didn’t get enough sleep because of brother, is napping on me and I’m confined to a couch even though I want to get uuuuuuup.

And it’s still worth it. There will be bumps in the road, but it is always worth it. My five year old is so freaking cool. He’s curious, creative, and he’s always singing. And my 8 month old is extroverted and high-energy; a very happy and silly guy. I love these crotch-fruits. They’re the best.

It is. I’ve had some bumps in the road – I got bad PPD, and my son has a milk protein allergy which was making him really fussy and uncomfortable. But I’ve been getting my PPD treated for about six weeks now, and we switched the little guy over to hypoallergenic formula (which stinks and costs a fortune, but he clearly feels much better with it), and that’s made things ease up a lot.

He’s 9.5 weeks old, and so happy, so smiley, starting to coo and babble and giggle, and it’s just amazing to me every day. I was worried about if I’d be able to be a good parent…but honestly I love being a mom. Even on days when he’s clingy and crying and only wanting to nap if I hold him and I’m trapped in the glider all day…he just needs to make a cute little noise or look at me and yup, worth it.

Yes it’s very much like that! In the beginning you’re very heightened and aware. Babies are noisy when they sleep so your mommy radar will be way up and every sound you’ll hear. Even when you’re asleep, it’s hard to rest because you’re constantly worried, are they breathing, did they move… After a month you realize that everything is ok and baby is fine and shit I’m so tired. Sleep when the baby sleeps is great but realistically it’s hard to do. Baby’s finally asleep and you gotta decide between using the bathroom, eating, showering, brushing your teeth, cleaning, and oh yea maybe I should sleep. Too late, baby’s up!